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I don't know why this took me so long to post, but c'est la vie.

Star tree topper

Star Christmas Tree topper! If the diagram has a name or a creator, it's lost to me. Site is in German.

30 units, 3" by 3" squares of foil.

Gyroscope Ornament

Gyroscope made of a foil-y wrapping paper. I think it was also 3" by 3".

Site I used is breaking my html. Just google origami gyroscope. :(


Wreathe, made of 18 Mette Units in the same foil-y wrapping paper.


Wreathe 2

Wreathe two, also made of 18 units of wrapping paper, also from the same site.

Toshie's Jewel

I had a spare Toshie's Jewel lying around, so I strung it up as an ornament.

I think this was also 3" square. 3 units.

Site I used, but really, they're all over.

3D Kirigami Snowflake ornament

Not origami, but still paper craft so we'll go with it. Kirigami 3D snowflake, made of computer paper scraps. I didn't measure them.

Instructions here.

Quilled Snowflake Ornament

Seemed fitting to put my first quilled snowflake on my tree.

Thatch Cube

Lastly, a thatch cube. Not an ornament, just a pretty little cube I made while watching tv. Since I had the camera out anyway, I figured I'd plop it on a branch and take a shot.

24 ~3" square sheets of the same washi chiyogami I used on the little purple sonobe.

Diagram from my favorite, MM at

And since we're sharing MM's work, look!


Two Christmas presents from the partner. I got Benjamin John Coleman's Advanced Origami Bonsai e-book from my BFF, too.


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