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Perhaps I'll just post everything to DW now. Good job LJ.
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I don't know why this took me so long to post, but c'est la vie.

Star tree topper

Star Christmas Tree topper! If the diagram has a name or a creator, it's lost to me. Site is in German.

30 units, 3" by 3" squares of foil.

Many more ornaments under me! )
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It's another episode of the Zanders! Up, mostly, when I said it would be. Whee!

Warnings are the same as last time: swearing, fat, tighty-whities, but nothing NSFW.

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays! )
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Warnings: I cheat. I swear. I have fat sims. BUT, I don't have a censor hack, so there's nothing more NSFW than a man in tighty-whities. Only 50 pictures under the cut.

This update will be pretty sparse, because I somehow managed to not take a lot of pictures. I'm not sure why, except that this was the third legacy that I'd started in two days and I thought I had all my pictures of skilling and infants already. It'll be better in 1-2, scouts' honor.

Let's meet a founder. )
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I got TS3 and a working laptop for Christmas, and after 3 false starts I found a family I love and really want to do a legacy of. I've got about two/three posts worth of pictures, editing and uploading now. I thought about putting this at [livejournal.com profile] lily_sims, but that's old journal stuff. It'll go here, unlocked, just like my origami. (I have origami posts to do too. Poor neglected journal.)

WARNING: I cheat. Any TS3 or legacy writers, I'm sorry. It's no fun without a little money in the bank or buyable life fruit (or the use of life fruit. What the hell? We could use the elixir in TS2!) If that's not OK with you, again, I apologize. If you want to catch up on my sense of humor and lack of timely updates, check out [livejournal.com profile] lily_sims for all of my TS2 stuff.
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In honor of fall, a fall themed dodecahedron. The model is made of 30 modified Sonobe units, most likely by Tomoko Fuse. It is glued, because the modification removes the locking mechanism. As with all my models, paper is cut down to 3 in. x 3 in.

2 more, beneath the cut. )

As always, diagram is here.
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I keep seeing these really awesome models made from snapology, but I've never been able to visualize how the connectors hold it together. Rather than risk ruining good/expensive paper, this is made of a recycled magazine, (mostly an Arkham Asylum ad, in fact.) 20 triangles, 25 connectors.

Another view under the cut )

Diagram is courtesy of the super talented Heinz Strobl, as seen here.
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Continuing on my last entry, here, I've made a...bit of progress.

Still 4-ish colors to go, then to loop it back around on itself. No idea what to do with it then, maybe I'll attach it to a backing and use it as a wreath? :P

Check the link to the previous entry for the diagram.
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I decided to try branching out and using different papers and thicknesses. The small purple one is a made of a heavy washi chiyogami, cut to ~1.5 in by 1.5 in. The large brown one is a printed craft paper, cut to, say it with me, 3 in by 3 in.

4 more under here )

As with the last Sonobe, instructions are here. Variation for the craft paper sonobe is here.
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This has become known as the Spikey Green Cube Light Pull. Each side is a 6 in. by 6 in. sheet in a different shade of green. The sides are joined together with a seventh sheet cut down to 2 in. by 2 in. The joints are glued in place, but they don't REALLY need to be. Hanging, the folds relaxed a bit, it got a little crooked and messy, and it bugged me.

Light pull? )

Diagram isn't specifically online, and I recommend picking up the book I got it from,Extreme Origami, for a fascinating read. It's more theory than practice, which put me off it for a long time. Pity, because it's quite good.
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This was today's project on my 8 hour drive back and forth across the state. Two joined cubes made of Tomoko Fuse's Open Frame Units. Paper is ~6 1/2 in. origami paper, cut into fourths.

2 more under here )

Ideally, they'll end up being something like this.

The model's not available online, but, with an Amazon account, you can search through the book it's from.
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The model is made from 30 Sonobe units, originally designed by Mitsonobu Sonobe. Paper is three different kinds, all cut down to 3 in. by 3 in.

1 more under here )

I found a ton of sites with the basic instructions, but the one I used is here.
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This is either a truncated icosahedron or a dodecahedron, according to wiki, and I can't quite tell the difference. We'll just call it the PHiZZ Ball, because, unlike the man who invented it, I'm not a mathematician.

Created from 30 of Thomas Hull's PHiZZ (Pentagon-Hexagon Zig-Zag) Units. Folded out of 3 in. x 3 in. Post-It Notes. DO NOT USE POST-ITS FOR THIS MODEL! They are way too thick. I also tried for proper 3-edge coloring, but failed at the very last moment. Damn.

1 more under here )

So the next step is to do the Torus, right? ;)

The unit itself is here, but I couldn't have done it without the video on joining the units, here.
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This model was done at the office one day when we had NO work. 60 units made of 1 1/2 in. x 1 1/2 in. Post-It notes and tape. Obviously not as clean as I'd like, but also not bad for the materials.

1 more under here )

The diagram I used doesn't credit an author, but you can find it here, regardless.
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Model created using 30 units designed by Mio Tsugawa. Paper was cut down to 3 in. by 3 in.

3 more under here )

Diagram is here.
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After 5 years on LJ with my past name [livejournal.com profile] pizza_assassin, I can't stand seeing my old, angsty posts from when I was 16. I also can't stand my old name. I could just buy a rename token, but that defeats the purpose of "getting rid of old, angsty posts". Plus, I'm cheap.

So I'm starting over. Wish me luck.
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