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It's another episode of the Zanders! Up, mostly, when I said it would be. Whee!

Warnings are the same as last time: swearing, fat, tighty-whities, but nothing NSFW.

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays! )
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Warnings: I cheat. I swear. I have fat sims. BUT, I don't have a censor hack, so there's nothing more NSFW than a man in tighty-whities. Only 50 pictures under the cut.

This update will be pretty sparse, because I somehow managed to not take a lot of pictures. I'm not sure why, except that this was the third legacy that I'd started in two days and I thought I had all my pictures of skilling and infants already. It'll be better in 1-2, scouts' honor.

Let's meet a founder. )
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I got TS3 and a working laptop for Christmas, and after 3 false starts I found a family I love and really want to do a legacy of. I've got about two/three posts worth of pictures, editing and uploading now. I thought about putting this at [ profile] lily_sims, but that's old journal stuff. It'll go here, unlocked, just like my origami. (I have origami posts to do too. Poor neglected journal.)

WARNING: I cheat. Any TS3 or legacy writers, I'm sorry. It's no fun without a little money in the bank or buyable life fruit (or the use of life fruit. What the hell? We could use the elixir in TS2!) If that's not OK with you, again, I apologize. If you want to catch up on my sense of humor and lack of timely updates, check out [ profile] lily_sims for all of my TS2 stuff.


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